buy together,
know what’s yours

Split things fairly and flexibly with dynamic ownership

a new way to
own together

Own your home jointly, with individual equity. Dynamically track who owns what.

Getting different family help? 
Keep gifted contributions safe.

Your home agreement keeps it safe and fair. Know what’s yours and what’s theirs.

What’s equity?

Equity is how much of your home you own outright. It’s the property price minus your mortgage balance.

IT Works


Apply for your Generation Home mortgage. You and up to 5 others can buy together.


We’ll ask how you’d like to own together. Choose dynamic ownership to build up individual equity.


We’ll set up your home agreement – a legal document that tracks each person’s contributions and share of the home.


Have an income booster? With your home agreement, they can make payments to build up a stake in the home, too.

in your hands

See your stake in the home in real time.

Track who owns what, change your monthly contributions, or transfer equity between you, whenever.

answers for
the group

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.