Afford more

Add an income booster to your mortgage and afford more sooner.
Income boosters can (if they want) help with the monthly payments and build up equity...Or they can just stay on standby.

Keep first-time buyer benefits

An income booster doesn’t mean more stamp duty.

For a good time, not a long time

When you’re ready, take your booster off and fly solo with the ejector seat

How it works

Find out how much you could afford with a booster.
Apply for your Gen H mortgage. You and up to 5 other buyers and income boosters (maximum 4 buyers) can apply together.
Set up your monthly payments. Boosters can contribute and build up equity in the home too, or just stay on standby.
Your income booster will be jointly liable for the mortgage – so if you’re ever not able to make payments, your booster steps in to help.

Answers for the group

Will my income booster own the home too?

No – income boosters don’t go on the property deeds. Only the owners will own the home.

When and how can I remove my income booster?

When you remortgage – as long as you can afford the mortgage on your own, and you meet our eligibility (we’ll look at your income and credit again). For more information, get in touch with the team.

Can my income booster be retired?

Yes, as long as they meet our age and income requirements. Read those here.

Does my income booster have to make mortgage payments?

No! They can contribute, or just be on standby. But they’re responsible for repayments, just like any other borrower on the mortgage.

Can my income booster live in my property?

No, any applicant who’s going to be living in the home will have to go on the mortgage as an owner (not a booster).

Can my friend be my income booster?

No, unfortunately – only family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or children of someone on the application) can be an income booster. But friends can be  deposit boosters!