Money worries

Money worries

Our mission is to create a housing market that serves everyone in society. We believe homeownership should be accessible to all and we are committed to supporting our customers with their financial security. If you have any money worries, we are always happy to discuss these with you in an empathetic and understanding way. We have a range of short term and longer-term solutions we can explore to help you with your mortgage payments.


We understand it can be challenging if and when your mortgage becomes difficult to pay. The sooner you contact us, the more likely it is that a manageable solution can be found to avoid more serious debt problems.

Contacting us to talk about your options won't affect your credit rating.

How we can help

Once we’ve discussed your individual circumstances and any issues you are experiencing, we will review your income and outgoings and explore the potential solutions to your situation.

We will discuss the options available based on your circumstances and discuss appropriate solutions. Ongoing support will be provided and adapted as your situation changes.

We will talk through your debts and areas to help managing your money easier and let you know of any external organisations that are able to offer you specialist advice.

To learn about how we’re supporting customers during this period of economic turbulence, read about our support measures.

Contact us

If you would like to speak with us you can let us know by live chat, calling 0330 808 1791 or by emailing

Third parties

If you would like us to speak to a third party on your behalf just once, or on a regular basis, you may find it useful to set up a third party mandate.

A third party can be a relative, a friend, carer or an appointed professional such as a solicitor or debt adviser.

We can send you a third party mandate form by post or email. If this is something of interest to you, please email your request to

Help with managing money


Creating a budget can help you to understand what income you have coming in and how much you need to pay on your bills and essential expenditure.

Your essential expenditure includes your mortgage payments, council tax, utility bills, home and car insurance and food.

Once you’ve completed your budget and prioritised the important things, you will have peace of mind knowing what you have left to cover your non-essential spending.

You may find it helpful to use the Money Helper budget planner tool.

Check if you are entitled to benefits

You could be entitled to benefits if you have lost your job, are on a low income or are self-employed.

You can check your benefit entitlement on the Turn2Us website.

Help with essential payments and spending

If you are struggling to pay your bills, make a budget and consider what are your financial priorities and how much you can afford to pay.

Council Tax
If you are worried about paying your council tax, contact your local authority. They will be able to talk about your payments and if you are eligible for assistance.  

If you find you are struggling with the cost of your food shop, you can find advice on how to save money on food and meals from StepChange. Their website offers details of where you can get emergency help and of your local foodbanks.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your water bills, you can find out about the various schemes and grants that may be available to help towards the cost of water by visiting the Water Schemes pages on the Turn2Us website.

Regular payments
We suggest reviewing any regular payments that are collected from your bank account in case you are paying for services you no longer use, or you can find cheaper elsewhere.


If you have income protection, life or critical illness insurance policy, check the cover provides adequate protection in the event that your circumstances change.

Struggling with your energy bill

For tips on how to save money on gas and electricity bills and to check if you qualify for extra government help or support visit Money Helper.

The British Gas Energy Trust supports families and individuals facing financial hardship and energy debt, no matter who your energy supplier is. You can find further information and advice on if you will be eligible to apply for a grant to clear energy debt by visiting British Gas Energy Trust.

Support with your debt

If you are struggling with debt with multiple providers, we recommend you contact an impartial debt adviser such as StepChange or PayPlan. These organisations offer free independent debt advice and debt solutions to help make things more affordable.

The sooner you seek help, the quicker you can put plans in place and get back on track with your finances.

Organisations that can help with debt and specialist advice

There are a large number of independent advice services and support available. Some key resources include:

  • Money Helper: Provides free, clear and unbiased advice to help you make the most of your money.

The Money Helper Money Navigator tool gives guidance on your particular situation, including what issues you need to deal with first, ways to stay on top of your bills, how to get extra support you're entitled to and where to get extra help.

You can also find information on what steps you can take to keep on track with your mortgage on the MoneyHelper’s problems paying your mortgage guide which can be found here.

  • StepChange: Offers free, confidential help with debt and general money management.
  • National Debtline: Provides free, confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems. Includes web chat and email help facility.
  • Business Debtline: free debt advice for small businesses and people who are self-employed.
  • Citizens Advice: Offers free, confidential and impartial advice, including via web chat, on legal, money and other problems.
  • CapUK: Christian-based debt service and money management courses aimed at helping people out of debt and poverty.
  • Payplan: Offers free, confidential and no-obligation debt advice and help with contacting providers you owe money to.
  • Turn2Us: On-line benefit entitlement checker, grants search and financial advice and support.
  • British Gas Energy Trust: Provide independent advice and financial support if you’re struggling with your energy bills, no matter who supplies you.
  • Mind: Offering help, respect and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): Provides consumer information on dealing with the financial impact of rising costs of living.


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