Join us on our journey to make homeownership accessible, simple, and fair.

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We're on a mission to build a fairer housing market

At Generation Home, we believe that homeownership should be accessible to everyone.

Homeownership means something unique to everyone. To us, it means independence, the promise of financial security, and investment in our communities.
We’ve started our journey with a focus on helping first-time buyers, because we think this is the most broken part of the current housing market.

But we have big plans – we want to take on every part of the process that isn’t serving people.

We’re bringing the fintech revolution to mortgages and taking ownership of the user journey end-to-end, reworking a broken system into one that works for all.

And we need talented people to come on board!

Our Values

We're customer obsessed

Customer success is all of our responsibility, whatever your role.

We take ownership

We embrace challenges and own the outcomes.

We're ambitious

We have a big vision for the future. We fear mediocrity, not failure.

We act with urgency

Time is not our friend – we focus on the right thing, and keep our momentum.

We're honest

We act with honesty, speak frankly, and treat each other with respect.

We're humble

We’re low-ego. We listen to understand. We subject our ideas to scrutiny.

Our jobs

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Meet The Founders

Listen to our CEO Will Rice talk about who Generation Home are and where we’re headed.

Still Curious?

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.