Meet Gen H Legal

Buy your home with the Gen H homebuying bundle

When you bundle your mortgage and your purchase conveyancing with Gen H and Gen H Legal, you’ll get exclusive discounted mortgage rates, free valuations, and a seamless, all-under-one-roof homebuying experience.

What’s in the homebuying bundle?

  1. Home purchase conveyancing with Gen H Legal. Use Gen H Legal to buy your home and sell your old one, if you need. 
  2. Exclusive discounted mortgage rates.
  3. Free valuations on the property you’re buying.

Conveyancing shouldn't be a nightmare

If you’ve bought a home before, you probably remember how painful conveyancing can be. If you’re in the process of buying your first home, you’ve probably heard horror stories about it.

We’ve set out to change the conveyancing process for the better with Gen H Legal. 

Gen H Legal is setting a new standard for conveyancing with proactive service, transparent pricing, and a strict zero-jargon rule. Working in harmony with Gen H as a lender, Gen H Legal is designed to help you move sooner – without all the stress.

You can learn more about Gen H Legal at

Gen H Legal prices

Gen H Legal offers a simple, transparent pricing structure so you always know exactly what you’re paying for. You’ll pay £500 up front to kick off your searches and the remainder of your legal fees on completion. And you’ll always have a direct line to your personal conveyancer if you have any questions.

Conveyancing legal fees:

  • Freehold from £1,250 + VAT
  • Leasehold from £1,455 + VAT

These conveyancing fees pay for the time your conveyancer will spend working on your case.

Third party costs can include:

This list of third party costs is not exhaustive, and others may apply to your purchase. Third party costs will vary depending on the circumstances of your purchase. Try the calculators above to learn more about what you might pay.

The total amount you’ll pay to Gen H Legal will cover the fees for the legal services plus the third party costs that are relevant to your purchase.

How to get the homebuying bundle

Ready to find your place on the ladder with the Gen H homebuying bundle? Kick off a mortgage in principle to get started. 

Then, during your advice call, your Gen H mortgage advisor will go over all the details and help you decide if the homebuying bundle is right for you.

The fine print

This bundle is only available to homebuyers who have chosen Gen H Legal as their purchase conveyancer. If, after we make a mortgage offer, you feel Gen H Legal hasn’t met your expectations, you can switch to a different solicitor and keep the other perks of this bundle. However, there may still be fees you have to pay to Gen H Legal for the cost of services already performed, and the reason for switching needs to be justifiable or you may not be able to keep your bundle rate. For more detailed information, refer to Gen H Legal’s Discontinued Transaction Charges.

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