Gen H unlocks homeownership with UK-first affordability features

April 17, 2023
London, UK

When Gen H launched in the UK mortgage market, it did so with a specific focus: to help everyone become a homeowner, not just those who fit into a narrow box. To make this dream a reality, the lender created innovative tools designed to support more buyers as they found their place on the ladder.

Among these are Gen H’s income booster and ejector seat, deposit booster and dynamic ownership features.


The income booster feature allows aspiring homeowners to add up to 6 incomes including their own to a mortgage. This boosts the amount that they can afford to borrow, bringing many homes within reach that weren’t before. Income boosters – close family members – can contribute to the monthly payments or just stay on standby. 

Thanks to Gen H’s ejector seat, income boosters can be removed from the mortgage before they turn 85 or whenever the homeowner is ready to fly solo. This expands the realm of familial support typically available to buyers, and is the only product of its kind in the market.

The deposit booster lets close friends or family contribute up to 100% of the home deposit as an interest-free or equity loan, turning a handout into a leg up. This means, for example, parents can support more than one child with the same pot of money, because their money will come back to them down the line.

Dynamic ownership is the smarter version of tenants in common. Homeowners can buy together but build equity individually and dynamically, as their stakes in the property grow in accordance with their monthly contributions to the mortgage. This is enabled by Gen H’s proprietary home agreement, which acts like a deed of trust, keeping everyone’s stake safe and fair. 

Pete Dockar, Commercial Director at Gen H, said:

“We’ve seen government schemes come and go – and none of them have resolved the crushing housing crisis faced by homebuyers today. Gen H’s solutions empower aspiring homeowners to find a flexible solution that works for their unique situation. Homeownership truly grants a sense of independence, security and accomplishment like little else can – and that’s why we’re so delighted to have helped so many people become homeowners with these innovative tools.”

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