Gen H launches brand new affordability calculator and criteria centre to broker partners

May 30, 2023
London, UK

Gen H today announced the launch of their new affordability calculator. The calculator brings a series of new features designed to streamline the affordability calculation process and quickly help brokers find products that suit their clients. 

This launch comes on the heels of the lender’s new criteria centre, also redesigned from the ground up for convenience and ease of use. These projects empower brokers to quickly and easily determine the best course of action for their clients – all while saving time and effort on their part. 

This calculator was built through a collaborative feedback process with the lender’s brokers, including Gen H Club members, who have had exclusive access over the last two weeks. The lender incorporated critical functionality requests like more nuanced loan sizing and the ability to view applicable products within the calculator itself.

These redesigned products reflect Gen H’s commitment to its broker panel and to creating positive outcomes for broker clients.  

Gen H’s panel expanded in May to more than 12,000 brokers in England and Wales, creating greater accessibility to the lender’s innovative tools for more aspiring buyers around the country. 

Pete Dockar, Gen H’s Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We’re using technology to build a fairer housing market – both with innovative affordability features for our customers and really sleek, usable tools for our brokers. So many of the systems used by other lenders are relics of decades passed, and it makes an adviser’s job much harder. We are creating a more streamlined and frankly pleasant process for our intermediary panel because when systems are thoughtfully designed, everyone benefits – from our broker partners to their clients and our own wonderful Gen H team.”

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Gen H is a fintech mortgage lender founded in 2019 with the goal of helping everyone become a homeowner. Gen H takes a customer-first, tech-led approach to lending, prioritising fair prices, flexible criteria and exceptional customer service for a seamless and supportive borrowing experience. Products are available online and through select clubs and networks such as the Legal & General Mortgage Club, PRIMIS, TMA Club, and Simply Biz. 

Gen H is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Financial Services Register number is 921355.

Gen H Legal is the conveyancing arm of Gen H. Gen H Legal takes as its ethos an uncompromising commitment to customer experience and transparency for a supportive, stress-free conveyancing process. Gen H Legal is available to customers of Gen H and clients of brokers on Gen H’s intermediary panel. 

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