Gen H launch conveyancing firm Gen H Legal for first-of-its-kind lender-conveyancer duo

April 5, 2023
London, UK

Gen H have made Gen H Legal, their conveyancing arm, widely available to all direct customers and their entire intermediary panel of 11,000+ brokers across England and Wales. 

This change brings to life Gen H’s vision of a seamless, end-to-end homebuying experience combining mortgage and legal services under one roof.

From mortgage in principle to completion, customers and broker clients can work exclusively with the dedicated Gen H team they trust.

Gen H Legal is a conveyancing firm founded on the same principles which underscore the mission of Gen H, including exceptional customer service, transparency in pricing, and proactive service designed to transform the homebuying process in the UK. 

Gen H Legal customers will:

  • Work closely with a dedicated conveyancer on their case
  • Get proactive, jargon-free updates, so they know where they stand
  • Pay simple, transparent prices with no surprises or hidden fees

Gen H and Gen H Legal work together, seamlessly, to complete their home purchase. The two work in harmony but at arm’s length to protect the customer’s best interest – all while creating unprecedented efficiencies in the conveyancing process.

Gen H Legal has been licensed since October 2022, and was built in careful collaboration with internal and external partners to create a game-changing customer experience. Gen H Legal offers a convenient digital flow which puts customers in control of their applications. Gen H Legal’s systems will continue to be improved through Q2, making it even easier to manage one’s conveyancing. 

Gen H Legal is currently available for home purchases and is a fundamental part of their first-time buyer bundle that launched last month. Gen H Legal will also become available for remortgages and home movers in the future. 

Will Rice, CEO of Gen H, said,

“The launch of Gen H Legal is an enormous achievement for our team, who have been working diligently for two years to create a homebuying experience that can happen all under one roof. From an initial affordability calculation to the moment our customers get their keys, the Gen H and Gen H Legal teams will be there, creating a supportive, stress-free buying experience unlike anything else in the market today.”

Rebecca de Andrade, Head of Conveyancing at Gen H Legal, said,

“The demand for our conveyancing service has already surpassed our expectations, and this highlights the gap in the market that Gen H Legal is poised to fill. By taking a proactive stance, we’re able to help the process move more quickly – even when faced with slow third party contributors. Being paired with Gen H – affiliated but at arm’s length – allows us to create tremendous efficiency, and therefore value, for our customers. This means, finally, that high quality conveyancing is no longer reserved for those that can afford high prices. It’s our goal to set a new standard for what conveyancing can be.”

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Will Rice and Rebecca de Andrade are available for interviews or further comment on this topic. 

Gen H is a fintech mortgage lender founded in 2019 with the goal of helping everyone become a homeowner. Gen H takes a customer-first, tech-led approach to lending, prioritising fair prices, flexible criteria and exceptional customer service for a seamless and supportive borrowing experience. Products are available online and through select clubs and networks such as the Legal & General Mortgage Club, PRIMIS, TMA Club, and Simply Biz. 

Gen H is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Financial Services Register number is 921355.

Gen H Legal is the conveyancing arm of Gen H. Gen H Legal takes as its ethos an uncompromising commitment to customer experience and transparency for a supportive, stress-free conveyancing process. Gen H Legal is available to customers of Gen H and clients of brokers on Gen H’s intermediary panel. 

Gen H Legal is authorised by the CLC. 

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