Gen H announces “excellent” customer NPS of 87 for Q3FY23

November 30, 2023
London, UK

Fintech mortgage lender Gen H announced the results of its latest customer NPS survey: an “excellent” score of 87. This is even higher than Gen H’s score for Q2FY23, which was 80, evidencing the lender’s ongoing commitment to exceptional customer care. 

Customers especially called out Gen H’s friendly and helpful customer service team, innovative mortgage products, flexible criteria and quick, simple processes. 

87% of respondents were promoters and only 2% were detractors. 100 customers responded to the survey across both direct to consumer and broker channels. 

Verbatim highlights from customer responses:

"The staff are knowledgeable and genuinely want to help you. Other lenders often care about stats or procedures and have a rigid process. [Gen H] staff are always trying to work with you in one of the most stressful purchases in life.”

"The income booster option allowed me to buy a house that otherwise would have been out of reach, even though I'm able to pay the mortgage."

“Generation home were the only provider to work with me given my immigrant status. They are extremely professional, work in a timely manner, and provide visibility into all parts of the mortgage process."

“A great service and inclusive option for those who are in less-typical employment circumstances.”

The lender’s broker NPS score for Q3FY23 was 83 – also “excellent”. These exceptional scores are proof of Gen H’s ongoing commitment to creating great customer outcomes. 

Additionally, in recent weeks, Gen H has begun using Experian's Score Boost data in their credit decisioning. This data can boost the credit profiles of aspiring buyers who don’t otherwise meet the lender’s credit score threshold. 

This is another way Gen H supports buyers who may have previously been locked out of homeownership. Innovations and partnerships like this demonstrate the lender’s real, human approach. 

Pete Dockar, Gen H Chief Commercial Officer, said, 

“Our team works very hard to make sure we’re always delivering the best possible outcomes for our customers, and it’s wonderful to see that effort reflected in our NPS score. This score reflects the level of service our customers experience across all our channels, so thanks are due to the many great brokers we work with as well as our exceptional in-house advisors.” 

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Gen H is a fintech mortgage lender founded in 2019 with the goal of helping everyone become a homeowner. Gen H takes a customer-first, tech-led approach to lending, prioritising fair prices, flexible criteria and exceptional customer service for a seamless and supportive borrowing experience. Products are available online and through select clubs and networks such as the Legal & General Mortgage Club, PRIMIS, TMA Club, and Simply Biz.

Gen H is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Financial Services Register number is 921355.

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Customer NPS score is based on 100 respondents in the Q3 relationship survey. The respondents are existing customers whose mortgages completed within the previous 3 months or whose mortgages are coming up for renewal in the next 3 to 9 months. The NPS score is calculated based on numerical responses to the question “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Gen H to a family member or friend”. 

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