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Generation Home is a modern mortgage lender creating new ways to support your customers and building a best-in-class broker service.

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Needs help with affordability
Add an income booster to the application

Adding an income booster to the application often increases owners’ budget. They can also choose to contribute to the monthly payments, boosting the budget even more and build their own equity stake.

A booster can be taken off when the owners can afford the remainder of the mortgage, meaning we can often offer longer terms upfront.

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Is struggling with deposit
High LTV products and family deposit support

We offer up to 95% LTV products on standard properties and 90% LTV on new builds.

Deposit boosters (family or friends) can help owners with their deposit in return for a financial interest / financial stake in the property.

We provide a deposit booster agreement free of charge and manage loan repayment.

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Is buying a new build
Higher LTVs for new build customers

We offer up to 90% LTV products on new build properties (subject to critieria).

Is self employed
We only need 1 year of accounts

We only require 1 year of accounts if your customer is buying with another employed borrower.

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If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.