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Generation Home is a modern mortgage lender creating new ways to support your customers and building a best-in-class broker service.

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We’re rolling out our service to intermediaries across the country. We’re serious about building the best broker experience and tools, so we’re taking our time and collecting feedback at every step.

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The generation home pro platform

afford more
with a booster

Income Boosters are our spin on the Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage.

Boosters can ​contribute to mortgage payments and build up an equity stake in the home (optional!). Or they can be on standby to help and support affordability.

do more with deposit help

Deposit Boosters help with the deposit in return for a financial interest in the property. This is done through a deposit loan or an equity loan.

We provide the Deposit Booster Agreement free of charge and manage loan repayment.

A Deposit Boost can be turned into a gift at any time.

buy together
know what's yours

The Generation Home Agreement is our spin on a Deed of Trust.​

We track contributions towards the deposit and monthly payments through time, which can be reflected in updated ownership stakes for each individual.

So you can buy as a group, but maintain an individual stake in your home.

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.