Help your loved ones Get on the ladder

Smart, flexible ways to help your family and friends buy their first home

Smarter Support
And Boosted borrowing

What’s a deposit booster?
Someone who contributes to the deposit. As a deposit booster, there are different ways to provide support.
What’s an income booster?
A family member who goes on the mortgage to help the home buyer borrow more, but won't own or live in the home.
Deposit boosts explained:

Being a deposit booster gives you more ways to help:

Equity loan

An investment in the property that goes up or down depending on the value of the property.

Deposit boosters can cash out when it suits all parties (subject to criteria).

Deposit loan

An interest-free loan, from the deposit booster to the buyer. This can be paid back later, simply and securely.


A booster can always gift, too. Or turn a loan into a gift later.

Income boosts explained:

An income booster could help the home buyer afford more, sooner.

It doesn't affect a first-time buyers stamp duty status

Income boosters can help with monthly payments and build up equity.

...Or can just stay on standby.

When everyone is ready, the income booster can be taken off and the homebuyer can fly solo.

Wrapped together
With dynamic ownership

If you’re buying as a group, dynamic ownership lets everyone build up individual equity in the home.

As an income booster, you can contribute to the mortgage payments now, or in the future.

If you do contribute, you can build up your own equity in the home, or simply gift your contributions to the owners – it’s up to you.

Everything is made official with The Generation Home Agreement: a legal document that outlines who owns what now, and how you’ll own together in the future.

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If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.