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Borrow more with boosters:

Income boosters add their income to the mortgage to help you afford more.

Deposit boosters help with your deposit. They can lend it, invest it, or gift it.

Chat through your options with our experts

Get advice and finalise your homebuying plan with your Generation Home mortgage advisor.

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We’ll do a soft credit check to give you a mortgage in principle, a document that shows estate agents you’re a serious buyer.

Use it to help you get an offer accepted on your dream home.

Track your application on your dashboard

If you’re buying with more people, everyone can log in, add their documents and track the application in one easy place.

We’ll stay by your side right up until you get your keys.

Decide how you’d like to own the home. If you’re buying with someone else or have income boosters, choose dynamic ownership to build up individual equity.

Manage your mortgage in the 21st century

Adjust who pays what every month, easy overpayments, and more.

Smart payments and ownership

With dynamic ownership, track who pays what and see your ownership split in real time.

Straightforward remortgaging when the time comes

Whether you want to upsize, raise capital or get mortgage-free, we’ll update you with tailored products as your goals and finances evolve.

Remove your boosters with no sweat

When the time is right, we'll help you repay or remove your boosters in a way that suits you all.

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If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.