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Thinking of going on someone’s mortgage to help them borrow more?

Add your income to a mortgage to boost the borrowing power of the buyers.

Thinking of going on someone’s mortgage to help them borrow enough?

Add your income to the mortgage to boost the borrowing power of the home buyer.

Home Boosters are:

  • Liable for the mortgage, just like the other borrowers
  • Able to make mortgage contributions and build up a stake in the property
  • There to help homeowners get started

Home Boosters aren’t:

  • Guarantors, their property isn’t used as collateral
  • On the property deeds
  • Expected to remain on the mortgage for the full term

Questions we hear from Boosters


Do I have to pay extra taxes, like second home Stamp Duty?

No. Because you aren’t on the property deeds, you won’t be hit with a hefty tax bill. The Booster product helps First-Time Buyers and homeowners buy together.


Do I have to make mortgage payments?

You choose whether to contribute to mortgage payments or simply be on standby. But you’re responsible for repayments, just like any other borrower on the mortgage.

Questions we hear from BUYERS


What does having a Home Booster mean for my Stamp Duty bill?

Boosters don’t go on the property deeds, so you only pay the Stamp Duty you owe, which is 0% up to £500,000 at the moment!


Can I remove a Booster later on?

Yes! Boosters are there to get you started, not follow you through the mortgage term. Remove them once you’ve paid down your mortgage loan sufficiently or get a pay rise.

Any more questions?

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