It's Not You,
Home ownership Is Broken

The market is set up against first-time buyers.

House prices have sky-rocketed over the past 50 years. Too few new homes are built and landlords have accumulated too much of the available housing.

To make it worse, high-street lenders have stood idly by and offered no solutions. We’re here to change that.

Co-founders Will and Sophia

A Word From Our Founders

“We founded Generation Home after trying to buy our first home. It didn’t go well. Within a year our deposit savings had gone into building a lender capable of making a real difference to first-time buyers.

We’re providing better ways for families to lend a hand and enabling millions to help where they couldn’t before.

But we’re just getting started. We know that not everyone has access to family support (we don’t ourselves!), but we aim to be there for everyone as quickly as possible.”

Will & Sophia

Meet The Team On A Mission


Advice Team Lead

Roshni loves sushi and all things Japan. She’ll help you pick the perfect mortgage product so that your payments and total interest suit your needs.



Ashleigh is an underwriter by day and a Muay Thai fighter by night. As an Underwriter, she makes sure that the mortgage we give you is affordable and fair to everyone involved.


Customer Champion

Andy’s a massive football fan. He’ll be there to support you throughout the process of buying a home, from beginning to end.

The Generation Home team

The Rest
Of The Crew

We’ve built a team of passionate people, fixated on building a fairer housing market. As a bunch, we’ve got a diverse background; we’ve got mortgage industry experts, tech specialists and customer service heroes working hard to create the best mortgage lender out there.

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home.